How to Build Relationships with Your Utility Customers via Social Media


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Are you curious about you can use social media to provide a firm foundation for your company’s success? Connect with us and we will help you to engage with your customers.


How to Arrest Your Visitor’s Attention ?

High bounce rates — that means, a huge proportion of visitors who fail to engage with more than one page on your website — are a common problem plaguing small-business websites. A number of things can contribute to the problem, but there are a number of easy solutions as well.

In this Image, we’re going to focus on some easy ways that might help to keep visitors on your website longer. The longer someone is on your website, the more likely they are to take the desired action and convert against your goals.

visitor’s attention on your website

Testing Overview – Web and Mobile App Testing

Testing is the most important part of website development. In order to make a website fully functional without glitches, testing is performed. A company ensures smooth running of an application or a website by carrying out extensive procedures of automated and manual testing. Have a read below for a basic guide to Test Your Website and mobile app Before Launching.


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5 Risk Factors in Cloud Computing

Increasing number of businesses have started shifting to cloud based computing services. There is no IT support yet the cheap and easy cloud makes for a real deal. Companies suffer from high risk factors as there are security issues surrounding cloud computing. Third party management of files and applications are posing grave threats to businesses. There is but not other way than to rely on outsiders for data security. Costs to continue with cloud processes are cheaper but not hassle free. There are many organizations that are wary of using the cloud services. This rising concern is quite valid. People need to think twice before moving to the cloud.

Risk Factors in Cloud Computing Continue reading “5 Risk Factors in Cloud Computing”

How to Earn From Your Apps?


There is a wide network of mobile app developers who feel the heat of generating good revenues. App development has increasingly started presenting a gloomy picture of revenue. There are some top agencies that are rolling good money but there are people who are falling out. There is no set formula for app store success but you can surely increase your chances of success. Two most important factors that form an integral part of high revenues are using third party tools and targeting enterprises that individual consumers. Success also depends on making the right choice of platforms, categories and device types. Developers must understand the revenue models in order to be a part of the billion dollar race. Continue reading “How to Earn From Your Apps?”

Top 7 HD Games For Android And iOS

Top 7 HD games for Android and iOS

Games have become an integral part of mobile device usage. With growing number of games being installed in mobile phones bigger and better gaming initiatives are being taken by mobile game developers around the world. HD games for IOS and Android are fast becoming popular. High resolution games made for the Smartphone and tablets come with immersive user experiences and visually impressive graphics. Here is a list of the most popular HD games for Android and iOS that takes gaming on mobile devices to a very high level: Continue reading “Top 7 HD Games For Android And iOS”