Top 7 HD Games For Android And iOS

Top 7 HD games for Android and iOS

Games have become an integral part of mobile device usage. With growing number of games being installed in mobile phones bigger and better gaming initiatives are being taken by mobile game developers around the world. HD games for IOS and Android are fast becoming popular. High resolution games made for the Smartphone and tablets come with immersive user experiences and visually impressive graphics. Here is a list of the most popular HD games for Android and iOS that takes gaming on mobile devices to a very high level:


This is a stunning HD soccer game built for Android users. Being a highly popular mobile game, FIFA 16 ensures a dream team for you. You can play till thirty-three leagues before choosing your own favorite team. With a brilliant set of 34 real life stadiums, 600 licensed teams and 16000+ players your football sessions are about to change forever.

Player controls are great. You can take a shot at the goal, drag players and set their playing routes, defend and make passes with just a few taps. By using your fingers on screen you can enjoy your game that provides you with the best looking realistic graphics. EA Sports (FIFA 16 developers) has included intuitive gesture control within this game which accentuates comfortable game play. This is a Free game.

Dead Trigger 2

Days of the zombies and the dead walking all over the place are here. This is visually one of the finest games that benefits from the tools of Unity game engine. Dead Trigger 2 has fabulous graphical support. It is a freely available first-person shooter game. Your dream to kill zombies will be fulfilled here. There are numerous missions and weapons to carry you forward in the bloody slaughters.

This game is available for iOS, windows and android platforms. Dead Trigger 2, developed by MADFINGER Games, is a shooting game that has an interesting story. Shoot the zombies on screen and get involved in the weekly global tournaments. There are real prizes to be won too.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Launched in 2013, Asphalt 8: Airborne is regarded as one of the finest racing videos games. Developed by Gameloft as part of the Asphalt series, Airborne has intricate high quality graphic details. New-age gamers find it exciting for its geometric real-time reflections and stupendous special effects. There are several races and events loaded in the game. There are stunning jumps and stunts built in the game.

Users can enjoy more than 180 events in career mode for playing the game. They can be divided into 8 seasons.

Need for Speed – Most Wanted

Plan your escape routes and live the life of a ‘most wanted criminal on the run’. This is the ultimate ‘escape on road’ experience that is complete with its chase sequences, evade capture, crash and burn features.

NFS is available for both Android and iOS at $5.60 and $4.99 respectively.


With cinematic feel being provided in the game, BLOOD & GLORY: LEGEND has been a glorious sequel to the blockbuster smash-hit Blood & Glory. Mobile game developers have worked on the popularity label of the preceding game. It is a fighting game that visually represents gladiators from the Roman empires. A gamer will enjoy this fighting game that requires players facing each other to fight a battle of glory, gold and prestige, much like the way it was done in ancient Roman empires.

A player needs to take up weapons and fill them up before jumping into the fighting arena and taking on the enemies to become the king of the gladiators. Fighting game fans will rejoice for the fact that there are numerous options like several punch combos, story modes and stunning GUIs. The game is available for free download.

Shadowrun Dragonfall – Director’s Cut

Developed by Harebrained Schemes this is a place where fantasies are complete with elves, trolls and disharmonious men living under the same roof. Shadowrun is a place where there has been scientific and technological advancements.

Shadowrun is available for $2.99 for Android and iOS run mobile devices.

Castle of Illusion

The game is a proud presentation by Disney. Castle of Illusion is an illusory game where a witch named Mizrabel kidnaps Minnie. Adventures taken by Mickey to save his lover, puts him in dangerous situations. This is a remake of the game named Sega Genesis’s Castle of Illusions.

It is available for iOS and Android downloads at $9.99.

Currently there are approximately 30 HD games for Android and iOS. Mobile game developers around the world are putting together visual treats, top class navigation and gaming excellences to bring out the best in mobile device games. Leading mobile game development companies in India are not falling behind. There are several Indian game developers who are in the global race for the top spot in game development.


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