How to Improve Sales with your Ecommerce Website Design?

Fitting into the right shoes is the perfect way to comfort. Having a successful eCommerce store is like asking an examiner to answer all the questions on the exam sheet! However, the truth is there are numerous rightly timed decisions and web design related strategies that need to be taken in order to be successful in one’s quest for ecommerce success. Brand-oriented website designs along with focused (finding the target audience) approach, device consideration, easy user interface, visibility, proper advertising, social media branding, reach and product parameters are significant elements deciding the fate (factors that increase salability) of eCommerce websites. Here are a few points that will improve your ecommerce website and carry forward your business:


Fast and Easy Navigation

Users will visit your website only if it is easy to navigate. Keeping it simple (UI, navigation tabs and bars) is the right was to increase website traffic and boost your sales. You must ensure an accurate structure for your ecommerce website. Shopping carts must be easy to navigate. Product listings must be accurate so that users find all items within a few clicks and scrolls.

An organized website structure will allow you to have a look where your visitors are moving around on the website. Variety in products and easy search results are what users always look out for.

You can have a sitemap of your website structure. This will help search engines to easily map out on how well your website is organized. Easy usability makes way for growing visibility on the search engines. Easily navigated websites are always given high ranks by the search engines. If you want to win in the race then you must be easily accessible and quickly found on search results. Better ranks will boost your business as a whole.

Design for the Brand

Your website must convey a message that directly reflects your brand’s identity. Ecommerce websites gradually turn into a brand. Care must be taken in showcasing the point promoted by the brand which should be in line with the website’s message. Users (potential customers) and existing customers visiting the website must relate to one common message that is promoted via online and offline marketing.

Websites designed in line with their brand must carry the same aesthetics carried by the brand name. Existing reputation of an organization (service, concept or product) must be carried forward across numerous channels. Brilliance must be established with the help of the website.

Build a Strong Social Media Presence by Sharing and Promoting Effective content

Building a strong social media presence takes patience and tenacious efforts. Be interactive, post daily updates, make interesting conversations and aim for viral social media campaigns that generate buzz. Social media has been regarded overwhelming by business owners around the world. Constant updates are important to keep in touch with your audience. Use major social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to promote your best thoughts, business practices, products and services.


At each and every point of your promotion, you must pay attention to comments and users’ views. By paying attention to these areas you can focus and improve your customer service and promotion. Sharing of content is not the only means of achieving success in social media. You must be interactive at all points.

Measure and analyze your social media efforts to do what is right and accepted widely. Gauging your audience will let you generate possible business leads in the future.

Consider Device Spectrum

There are various types of devices (Smartphone, tablets, mobile devices, Phablets, etc) available in the market. Your website design must be responsive so that they can for rightly into any screen size in spite of resolution variations. Content, navigation, and visual elements in your website must be flexible in order to suit a wide range of devices. Device spectrum must be considered while implementing ecommerce website design.

Grow a List of Loyal Customers and Perform Email Marketing

Start creating campaigns and promotions via email marketing. Send exclusive discounts, special offers and sales pitches to e-mail subscribers. Marketing channels provide email information. Varied range of messages must be conveyed via emails. Healthy marketing, product updates, industry related news and content must form a part of your email campaigns.

To ensure growth having a strong email list is necessary. Long-term relation building depends on the connection you make with your clients and potential loyalists with the help of your effective emails.

Optimize for Search Engine

Ultimate goal behind designing an effective ecommerce website is to pull traffic. Search engine optimization is the process of driving traffic (internet users) from the search engines to your website. To ensure better SEO your ecommerce website structure must be proper. Keywords must bear rich titles. Each category of products/services must have well defined descriptions. Users as well as search engines (indexing web crawlers) must find relevance in content presented in your website.

Optimization is most important as being found by people is important for growth. Increase your visibility by presenting relevant content.

Merchandising for Easy User Experience

Ecommerce-UX-tablet-handIt is vital to have an effective UX for an ecommerce website. Visitors must be able to find relevant information about your products. You must categorize your products neatly. Merchandising has a great impact on sales figures. Accurate merchandising of product categories and labels helps in improving a company’s online presence.

For example if you are a gadget provider it is advisable to keep your camera, battery, USB chords and charger units in the same group.

Merchandising is all about having a website design that gives an enjoyable experience to users. Information about categories and products must be in eye-level. This will help your customers search easily and make well-informed decisions about your listed products.

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