Top 5 VR Games

VR Games

Since the gaming world was introduced to VR’s (virtual reality) lofty promises it has been a long and glorious run. Interactive gaming has intensified over the years leading to launch of some awe inspiring graphically enhanced VR technologies like HTC’s Vive,Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Sony’s PlayStation VR and Valve’s Steam VR. With graphical demands being high paid games are entering vast spaces. Here are a few VR games that are forceful and intense:

End Space VR

This game is specifically made for your phone that needs to be Google Cardboard enabled. The Cardboard app is required to take on this first person space shooter game. Your head movements are mapped allowing you to pilot your space fighter. There are some intense space battles included in this game.

VR features for End Space

  • 3 amazing space environments included.
  • Engrossing VR experience with power packed AAA graphics and 3D sound.
  • An overly immersive and comfortable VR experience promised. Latest guidelines have also been included for extended help and support in VR gaming.
  • Infinite ranges of game play with progressive levels of fighting with harder enemies.
  • Sharable scores that state how many waves are completed.
  • Gaming experience is very high with detailed ship structures created along with high-end damage modeling and elaborate designs for destructible pieces.
  • Ships and weapons can have powerful upgrades.

Game Menu Options

  • Major USB and Bluetooth enabled gamepad controllers are supported.
  • VR mode can be disabled from the main menu.
  • Trigger button can be disabled from the main menu. Head motion based shooting can be included in place of trigger option in cases where VR headsets or Google Cardboard does not have a trigger button.

This game is made available for Android and iOS. Headphone is supposedly the best option to play this game. A rotating chair or standing position is apt for playing this game as it requires a 360 degree enemy tracking and attack. The game is available for $0.99 on iTunes.

Titans of Space

This is a game best suited for kids as it gives an overview of our solar system and a few stars. Parents can engage their kids with this game that has some fun facts and crucial information instilled. Fun in learning is what good parenting is all about and this game is a great comfort.

Features and Menu Options

  • Dynamic sound set up is well matched with the tour of the solar system.
  • Sizes of moons and planets can be compared. They are presented as 1 millionth of their actual size. Actual scale is not followed thus leaving room for easy comparisons in distances between objects of the space.
  • An add-on like the 50 minute narrative voiceover is available. This option (narration panel) can be purchased from the options menu.
  • Additional information with extended detailsare available at your cockpit dashboard. Get latest updates on solar system along with information loaded texts at mostly every tour stop.
  • Additional inputs are not necessary to enjoy the complete tour. Using a headset strap and a controller is recommended for this game. A phone having NFC supportusing a Cardboard headset having magnetic switch or aCardboard 2.0 headset able to tap your phone’s screen is handy for playing this game.

Gaming experience is best on Android 4.4.3 and Nexus 5. Android 6 users have found some issues with the loading screen but a reinstallation is said to have resolved the issue. The game requires a NEON CPU extension without which there might be difficulties in playing the game. Most modern handsets come with this extension. If you face any trouble during game play placing your phone on a flat space for 20 seconds (at VR mode) will help fixing your problem. The tour will complete as you finish touring the entire solar system. Game is free but the add-on costs $2.99 on Google’s Play Store.


This is a free game that plays best on Android. The game installation is easy. This is a custom made version forAaaaa! That works best on VR headsets. A complete tilt-control game will allow you to perform amazing stunts without having to use your hands.

Features and Menu Options

  • The game can be played while sitting or in a standing position.
  • Custom-built VR support enhances your stunts and dives off skyscrapers.
  • Time is short to make great style statements in this game.
  • You get the hugs, give thumbs up to your fans or get points in tagging government buildings.
  • There are some amazing virtual reality experiences promised by this game.

Unique levels and a low cost of $1.99have made this game a popular choice. Being reported as somewhat tedious intense gaming environment makes this a great place to start your immersive VR experience.

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Insidious VR

This is a free game that promotes the ‘Insidious’ movie series. Elise Rainier (played by actress Lin Shaye) a character in the horror film guides you through the horror levels of the afterlife. There are some great VR experiences in store as you navigate further into the game.


  • Nexus 5 and 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are appropriate devices for playing this game.
  • Headphones provide for wonderful experiences.
  • Google Cardboard viewer is required.
  • Other devices are not advised or guaranteed for this game.


Priced at $1.15 WAA! VR is a virtual reality game that uses focus as the central force. As you enter the gaming space you turn into a little astronaut continuing with your adventures. A 360 degree viewing is based on the idea of savingthe astronaut from being hit by asteroids. Easy and fun elements make the game desirable.

Game Controls

  • A wide 360 degree viewing.
  • Focus-enabled gaming allows hands-free comfort.
  • NFC or magnetic switches not required.

Latest iOS version is available on

Google Cardboard and VR together have started setting new trends in the gaming world. Smartphone App Development Companies are making innovations to stay in the mobile gaming app race. Being cheap and widely available are desirable options. Immersive entertainment along with a complete range of immersive apps has become an easy choice.


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